No compromises
“Just because” is not a reason
Eliminate clutter
It’s not a page — it’s an interface
Don’t just sit there…do something
Design the content, not the site

The usual way to produce a website is to start with what you already know how to do — the functions, features and structures your programmers are familiar with — and fit the design and content into that.

We begin at the other end: Concepts first. Then content. Then design.

The code comes last — after we know exactly what we’re aiming for.

And we don’t downgrade our objectives to conform to what we’ve done in the past. Instead, we develop — and often invent — innovative methods to achieve exactly what we (and you) envision.

In our experience, there’s always a way to get what you really want — if you simply refuse to settle for less.

And committing to this principle invariably opens up new possibilities that would otherwise be missed. Avoiding the slippery slope of compromise provokes discovery…rather than facilitating mediocrity.